AML compliance support

Second opinions and other support solutions for UK practitioners

Will your present AML compliance systems pass muster with your regulatory body?

We have noticed that the AML regulators are becoming more aggressive when addressing any deficiencies in a regulated firm's AML systems.

If you have any doubts that your systems would pass muster with your regulator maybe its time to check them out and correct any deficiencies before the ACCA, ICAEW, HMRC, AAT or other regulator knocks on your door.

Our systems audits are supervised, and in many cases undertaken, by one of the UK's leading experts on matters AML, David Winch FCA. You may have come across some of David's posts on the Accounting Web and LinkedIn.

The range of services we can offer are set out on the Second Opinions and Support Options pages. Any questions please use our CONTACT form or book a complimentary call with David himself...

Not sure how to deal with a possible reporting issue?

If so, use our SECOND OPINION service to apply for a written opinion from one of the UK's leading-lights on the Money Laundering Regulations.

Our founder director, David Winch FCA, is well known for his contributions to the Accounting Web and is a respected forensic accountant and expert on all matters MLR.

We can provide you with an affordable, online  training option or an inhouse presentation by David Winch.

Please take a look.

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