Second Opinions

You may not be this distressed, but whatever you are working to resolve, we can help...

If you have a client related issue that could involve a breach of the Money Laundering Regulations and you are unsure which way to turn. We can help.

Use our contact form to send a rough outline of your problem - to avoid any GDPR issue do not include any personal data (client's details) - and we will contact you.

We charge a de minimis fee of £300 plus VAT and reserve the right to quote a higher figure if you present a complex issue.

If, during the course of preparing our opinion, it is evident that you need further support - for example, a copy of our AML documentation - these additional services will be supplied for an additional cost.

All our opinions are subject to a standard disclaimer. For the avoidance of doubt, we have reproduced the text below:

Disclaimer - We will offer advice using reasonable care and skill, based on the information supplied to us. You may use our advice as a factor to take into consideration when deciding what action to take (or when deciding to take no action) in connection with a matter. However, you are likely to have information which we do not have, and you will reach your decision employing your own knowledge, skills and experience. The responsibility for your decision and consequent actions, or inaction, is yours (and not ours) and the legal responsibility remains with you. For reasons of law, and for practical reasons also, we cannot accept responsibility for your decisions, actions or inaction.

Advice is provided by MLRO Support Ltd and is not the personal responsibility of any director or employee of the company, whether or not it is written in the first person singular or signed by (or on behalf of) an individual or an officer of the company.  No personal responsibility is assumed for the advice provided.

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