About us

MLRO Support Ltd was formed shortly after the original Money Laundering Regulations were introduced 2002. Since formation May 2004, the company has provided advice to professional advisers - lawyers and accountants - who face challenging issues in order to comply with MLR regulations.

The company is managed by David Winch FCA and Bob Edwards ACCA. David provides the technical expertise to deliver our support and training options, leaving other chores to Bob...

David Winch MLRO support services ltd

David Winch BCom FCA

David has had over 30 years’ experience in accountancy with a wide variety of firms and their clients ranging from the smallest to major multi-nationals. He is author of numerous articles and two books, 'Money Laundering for Lawyers: the new requirements and their practical implications' (with Janet Bazley KC) and 'A Practical Guide to Confiscation and Restraint' (with Narita Bahra KC and John Carl Townsend). David is also a forensic accountant, an experienced expert witness and a speaker at conferences and training events as a nationally recognised authority on money laundering, proceeds of crime and confiscation.


Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards FCCA

Bob has many years experience working as a professional accountant. He has teamed up with David to provide MLRO's unique brand of support and training options.

Initial enquiries for support will be dealt with by Bob who will agree costs in advance of services being delivered.

David Winch MLRO support services ltd