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Referred Service - Report Drafting Service

As a sole practitioner I found the introduction of the Money Laundering Regulations an extremely daunting prospect. The thought of reporting minor discretions is irritating but the prospect of reporting a complex and potentially serious disclosure left me feeling very isolated.

Despite the existence of the ICAEW helpline, when faced with the prospect of drafting a long and complicated report I was pleased to be able to turn to MLRO Support for some very constructive and well informed advice. It wasn't just a case of knowing what to include in the report but also how to word it, and what not to include. In my case the difference between suspicion and speculation had a significant impact on the choice of wording and the experience of the advisers was invaluable.

I made use of the report drafting service and this enabled an expert to identify the critical areas from a potted history of the case which I had to provide. It took a few drafts before I was happy with the report but I would have spent a lot longer if I had attempted this on my own.

Not all cases will require such a level of input and I am confident that the majority of reports are fairly straightforward. However, if like me, you feel you need another opinion or clear advice, then I would recommend this service to you.

Chartered Accountant, North Yorkshire.

21 December 2005

Referred Service - Training

"Further to our recent MLRO training.

I recommend this course to other firms. The course was very detailed with a good use of relevant examples. David encouraged us to bring our own concerns/examples to the table, which allowed us to focus on situations that we actually had to deal with.

The notes were understandable and easy to follow and we were able to include all levels of staff within the session, including junior members who were new to the firm and had no previous training.

David also ensured that the session was structured to allow the reporting officers to have their own time with him to clarify any additional concerns, this also gave us time to review our existing internal paperwork, including the checks that we are carry out in respect of new business and our engagement letters in this respect as well as go through the official paperwork.

In respect of the basic support service, having undertaken the updated training, and as MLRO, I value this even more now. It was good to hear David advise on individual cases and identify further areas for consideration and more importantly, be willing to voice an opinion."

Michelle Thirsk, Partner CGA York

Referred Service - Second Opinion

"Very swift response. Replies come with reasoned responses."

Jill Gamon, Gerry Hynes & Co