Staff Training Solution 2012 - David Winch links up with Tim Good and TaxTV...

If you are looking for an easy to use and affordable solution to your staff Money Laundering compliance training look no further...

When was the last time you trained your staff as required by the Money Laundering Regulations? Do you train new staff as part of their induction process? MLRO Support Ltd has collaborated with Tim Good of PTP Now to produce an online training product that will fulfil these requirements. It is low cost and easy to use.

Details can be found on the PTP Now website, follow this link

Practitioners may be interested to see the interview I gave recently to Giles Mooney of TaxTV. MLR compliance should feature in your daily processes, and you must train your staff. Follow link below to access a recording of the interview and find out why...

This web site has been set up to manage my involvement in these issues. I can vouch that I personally sign off every opinion offered to MLRO’s as part of our “second-opinion” support services. I write and update the online procedure manuals available to subscribers – I also design and present all our training seminars, in-house or external.

My co-director in this endeavour is Bob Edwards, a Certified practitioner who deals with the practical administrative details of delivering the services we offer.

As a company we have taken a long term strategic decision to limit the number of professional firms that we act for, particularly those to whom we offer support services.

We will seek out new subscribers until we run out resources to maintain a hands on approach, and a high degree of professional expertise – back to my personal time issues.

If you are challenged by the rigours imposed by the legislation and would like the comfort of a one-stop support and training service, whatever your business sector, we may have solution for you.